Critically acclaimed director Sarmad Khoosat opened up about his woes with the local entertainment industry. In a live session with director and producer Rafay Rashdi, Khoosat expressed his disappointment with the lack of a real fraternity in the industry.

” I started in 1999 to be exact. It’s going to be almost 21 years. I never felt that spirit of fraternity. At award shows yes. Everyone wants to rub shoulders against each other. So no I don’t think there is a sense of fraternity and it’s sad,” he said.

Khoosat then went on to talk about how the state of television has deteriorated over the years. ” I’ll be honest, Iam not excited by TV anymore and not as a practitioner. But what I see on TV, it’s just about what manages to excite people on a short term and people are happy with it,” he said.

Adding further, the Manto director critcised creators for churning out content in a haphazard way. “I feel that it’s such a hotchpotch. I don’t feel that anybody is sitting down even for their own channel designing content. Or thinking or where the year is going to be headed towards or what are they gonna say about their body of work. Content wise I don’t feel excited,” he said.

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At the same time he did maintain that his personal disappointment with the state of affairs on TV would only matter if he was a contributor. However carrying on, Khoosat identified ‘dull writing’ as the main problem for content he deemed ‘lackluster’.

“I don’t find the writing inspiring. There are definitely some good writers but you know it’s lackluster. There is so much to write. So many episodes to write, that it’s dull writing” he said.

“And dull writing translates into dull direction, dull performances. Everything looks the same. ”

Khoosat further highlighted that the powers that be get actors on board on the basis of their Instagram followers describing it as ‘horrifying’.

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