A video circulating on social media showing a man in India sitting on the side of the road eating a dead dog’s carcass sparked outrage, Gulf News reported.

The video was taken by Indian citizen Pradhuman Singh Naruka while he was driving on the Rajasthan highway on his way to Delhi. “This man is eating meat on the road,” Naruka narrated in the video.

“You don’t have food to eat? What are you eating? You will die!” Naruka could be heard shouting at the man from across the road.

He tells the man to stand at the side of the road and then gives him a lunchbox and a water bottle.

He then questioned him about his background and offered him money.

The video was posted on Facebook by Naruka who wrote in Hindi, “Humanity became a shame on Delhi-Jaipur National Highway in Shahpura of Rajasthan when a labourer was forced to eat a dead dog due to hunger. No one has understood it as a big thing to help him by stopping his car. Well. I fed him and gave him money. If you ever see someone hungry, please help.”

The video went viral on social media, sparking outrage with many Twitter users tagging government officials.