It seems like yesterday when Dia Mirza and R Madhavan starred together in the hit 2001 film, Rehna Hai Terre Dil Mein. The duo quickly became a beloved romantic onscreen couple.

19 years later, the two came together for an Instagram live session. “Maddy is very special. Along with being an amazing artist, he is an incredible human being with whom I share a strong love for nature,” Dia said while introducing her first-ever co-star.

“I know people have been dying to see us on screen. It has been over 19 years and somehow I’m still inundated with songs, scenes and dialogues from the film every day on my social media,” Madhavan said finding it overwhelming, like Dia, that their story still connects with audiences so effortlessly.

There have been talks of a sequel or a spin-off to the film. Talking about that, Dia said, “We are doing our best to make it happen, but we will only work together when we can give our best. There is something so special about Reena and Maddy and I think there was an innocence and honesty we shared in RHTDM that resonates so deeply with everyone even today. We wouldn’t want to dilute that in any way.”

The two also talked about the current situation the world has been facing.

“I think the Covid era has made everybody take a deeper look at themselves, more than anything else. A lot of priorities are becoming clearer as we go along, and I think one of the things that everybody is realising is how important it is to be in touch with who you really are, what really makes sense,” Madhavan said, adding, “Without a doubt, it doesn’t matter which community or religion you belong to, because eventually, you have to be one with nature to be at peace.”

The conversation ended with both actors asking everyone to be more compassionate.

“It’s going to be a very changed world when we all get out there and we’re all going to come from a place of stress, insecurities and fears. One thing that is necessary and most welcome is an abundance of compassion and understanding,” he said.

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