It appears that actor Gohar Rashid has also jumped in on the Diriliş: Ertuğrul debate. Rashid in a Twitter post talked about how the showbiz fraternity instead of complaining should embrace competition and work harder.

“My two cents. Any foreign content which is being appreciated by our Pakistani audience is not a threat! It’s a competition like in any business! If you want job security, take ownership, and create better content. Stop being petty. Take responsibility,” he said.

Adding on he urged all those concerned to work towards bringing their “A-Game”. “In the name of competition, you don’t criticise your competition, instead, bring your A-game on! Fix your attitude. That’s what I have learned from my seniors like Humayun bhai. We must embrace diversity and not be scared of it!” he said.

Osman Khalid Butt uttered the same sentiments recently where he disregarded the possibility of jobs in the entertainment industry getting slashed cause of Ertugrul.

“I don’t recall us actors finding ourselves jobless when Ishq-e-Mamnoon or Mera Sultan were all the rage in Pakistan. Nor did Turkish actors ‘infiltrate’ the local industry and replace us,” he wrote on Twitter.

Butt asserted that importing foreign content is, in fact, creating a new set of jobs for local artists and technicians. “Isn’t this creating more job opportunities for local dubbing/VO artists? Also, praising a show like Ertugrul that promotes the importance of religion, culture and customs with nuance doesn’t automatically mean one doesn’t support the local industry,” he added.

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