One of the hottest debates surrounding Covid-19 has been about reopening businesses as the world inches close to any sense of normalcy.

While many countries have gradually started falling back in place with ‘the new normal’, Pakistan has also decided to resume business under certain precautionary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The salon owners, too, have decided to open for business with apt precautionary measures. Most of the bigwigs and smalls salons are back to business apart from Natasha Salon.

The salon mogul Natasha Lakhani took to Instagram to share why she will not be resuming business on Eid.

In a lengthy post, Natasha wrote, “The standard of decision making is the essence of good governance. We, as a nation, continue to suffer on account of the lack of effective leadership. Our concerns are compounded when protectors (such as Courts) weigh economic interests above the general welfare of all citizens.”

She went on to add that she has “been unable to post on social media platforms. I have been most upset and disappointed with the developments that have come about in the last 24 hours or so. I have, hence, been unable to put up any beauty related content without first addressing what feels most important.”

Talking about the number of queries her staff has come across about whether they would be running their services on Eid, Natasha continued, “We have, since yesterday, received a barrage of calls asking if we’re open for services for Eid, mostly because the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered ‘resumption of normalcy’.”

“First things first. Nothing is normal or back to normal! We have just been allowed to open shop and remove all Corona related limitations in the midst of a PEAK. This is being done due to enormous economical/social pressures, which have nothing to do with the fact that numbers of Covid-19 affectees are increasing on an hourly basis; that people both young and old, sick and healthy, are dying from it,” she asserted, adding, “We already have put extraordinary pressures on our health systems and are ever-increasingly encumbering hospitals and health workers with exponential risks.”

Natasha went on to elaborate on the need to head out only when absolutely necessary. “I understand that shutting shops and sitting at home is impossible, but what is possible is trying to do our best to social distance and stay home until and unless it is essential. If you must shop, do so online. Do not stand outside shops stuck to each other in lines to get that Eid outfit or roam around in malls,” she went on.

Natasha then went on to address the most imperative issue and said, “Blow-dry your hair at home this time and if you can’t, tie that loose braid. Have hair on your arms and legs. Or just shave. Get a facial with the help of a plethora of ‘at home facials’ available online and watch one of the dozens of tutorials to get ready this Eid.”

She then stressed the need once again of only stepping out when absolutely necessary.

Natasha then announced that she will not open her business. “I will not risk my staff, myself, or anyone walking through my doors getting unwell,” she added. “I am trying to generate cash from online classes to pay my staff and keep my business alive, but I will not risk opening my doors because I know I can’t guarantee 1o0% that someone will not get ill.”

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