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Welcome to the Graveyard of New Year’s Resolutions

It seems a long time since we pledged to drink less, eat better, exercise more, cut spending and stop doom-scrolling. Be gentle on yourself: It’s been a tough month.

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For Nicaragua’s Lobstermen, Deadly Dives Are All Too Common

Catching spiny lobsters is a stunningly dangerous pursuit for the mostly Indigenous fishermen along the country’s Caribbean coast, requiring deep plunges with subpar gear.

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The Week in Business: Biden Gets Down to Business

Biden started off his presidency with a flurry of economy-focused executive orders. Netflix’s budget broke even — for the first time. And Parler won’t be back online anytime soon.

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Asia’s ‘El Chapo’ Is Arrested in Amsterdam

Tse Chi Lop, said to be the leader of a multibillion-dollar drug syndicate, was arrested in Amsterdam and faces extradition to Australia.

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The Craziest Two Weeks of Tennis Practice Ever

The organizers of the Australian Open promised local residents that the tournament would not set off a coronavirus outbreak. Making good on that promise is very complex.