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Donald Trump Fast Facts

Read CNN's Donald Trump Fast Facts to learn more about the 45th president of the United States.

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Brazil authorizes two Covid-19 vaccines for emergency use

Amid a devastating resurgence of the coronavirus in parts of Brazil, federal health officials have finally voted to authorize two vaccines for emergency use. Sunday, Brazilian regulatory agency Anvisa approved both the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine and the Coronavac vaccine.

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Colombia's 'cocaine hippos' must be culled, scientists say

Hippopotamuses brought to Colombia by drug baron Pablo Escobar have bred so successfully that there is serious concern over their environmental impact and human safety, according to a new study.

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Oxygen shortage forces evacuation of 60 premature babies from Amazon city

Brazil's Amazonas State is airlifting 60 premature babies from hospitals in Manaus for emergency care in Sao Paulo, a distance of 3,875 kilometers (2,407 miles), because of a shortage of oxygen supplies in health facilities in the state.

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Mexican president defends decision not to press charges against ex-minister who was arrested on drug charges in US

President Andres Manuel López Obrador defended his attorney general's exoneration of a former defense minister Gen. Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda who was arrested in Los Angeles last October on drug trafficking charges that were later dropped when he was returned to Mexico with a promise by local authorities to investigate him.