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CNN - Australia

China still needs Australia to power its economic recovery

China and Australia spent much of last year in a tense standoff on trade. But as the recovery of the world's second largest economy gathers pace, China needs more iron ore and Australia is still its main supplier.

CNN - Australia

Science's most fascinating discoveries in 2020

Science's biggest achievement in 2020 was undoubtedly the rapid development of effective vaccines against Covid-19 -- a massive feat. Away from the coronavirus pandemic, however, there were discoveries in many different fields that inspired moments of awe and wonder in a tumultuous year.

CNN - Australia

Australia vowed to never let these men settle on its soil. Some just got visas

The release of the refugees in Australia follows a landmark federal court ruling in September that ordered a man be freed under a centuries-old legal principle that protects detainees from unlawful imprisonment. It's the first time it has been used in modern Australian legal history.